Hi. Cellophane here.

Do you ever wake up feeling a sense of worthlessness? We’re taught at a young age to become good people and follow the rules set forth by our parents or elders. We’re tricked into believing that life is worth it, that we’re worth it.

Then you wake up one morning and you don’t want to go to work because the thought of spending ten hours doing something you hate is unbearable. That’s when you realize you’re stuck. You’re worthless, a lonely leaf traveling with the wind. Fragile and cracking as the sun’s rays dry you out.

You realize life isn’t worth it and you reach for the magic elixir that will end it all.

You bring the cup to your lips, but a loved one walks into your room and you can’t do it.

Maybe life is worthless to you every day of your life, but to that smiling face, it’s something completely new.



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