Too Little Too Late

Hi. Cellophane here.

I’ve recently come to terms with the fact that I might have made a hasty decision. I’ve never made a reckless choice without analyzing all of the options. That’s my thing. I overanalyze every single decision. I should say that was my thing until the beginning of this month.

I decided that I couldn’t work for my current company anymore and I quit. I thanked them for the three years that they allowed me to work for them, but I couldn’t handle the stress and the physical exhaustion I was living under. I spent two whole months without seeing my family because all I would do was sleep as soon as I got home and then wake up with barely enough time to go back to work again. It was hard.

Sure, I could’ve stayed, but sometimes it’s better to leave while you still can.

I saw the women that worked there and I saw my future. I didn’t want to care so much that I never thought to leave because that would limit my options. It would leave me stuck.

Which is kind of funny cause at this very moment, I also feel stuck.

I hope I can make it work.

Not knowing what happens next is scary.



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