Why Do Dreams Remind Us Of The Past?

Hi. Cellophane here.

I’ve been having crazy dreams lately and most of them involving someone from my past, a young man I liked during my high school years that never liked me back and treated me like crap. He actually liked my friend while we were still in high school and that was the only reason he hung around me. God, I sound like such a clichĂ©, but this is something that truly happened to me. I really liked him. To this day, I don’t know why I did.


In my dreams, I keep going to Costco and run into him and his friends. It’s intimidating to see him again, but I somehow manage to linger around when his friends leave. I honestly don’t know why I keep dreaming about Costco, but that’s where my dreams are set. Costco suddenly becomes part of his home where I start helping him cook. We share a couple laughs and then his girlfriend gets there as I’m washing dishes. I feel a pang of sadness in my gut and try to leave as quickly as possible and I do. I leave and then I wake up.

I don’t know what it means, but it’s been almost eight years since I’ve seen him. It’s annoying that he still lingers in my subconscious. To be reminded of someone who never gave two shits about me is painful because I don’t want his memory to linger.

I’ll try to get better sleep so I don’t remember the craziness of my dreams.

Maybe that’ll help.



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